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Mining sector

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Mining Sector


Mines, minerals, and metals represent a broad cross section in the industrial sector. In Canada, there was healthy growth of 16% in mining deal volume in 2016 and the transaction market is expected to remain positive in 2017. With heavy operations, the valuation and assessment of mining and metallurgical facilities is a specialty that AEC offers services in. Our valuation assignments focus on establishing:

  • Real estate value for municipal property tax purposes
  • Replacement value for insurance purposes
  • Value-in-use for the purpose of financing
  • Re-evaluation of assets in view of purchase price allocation (PPA) exercise
  • Value-in-use of assets in view of opposing asset sale taxes (RCA)
  • Current and anticipated net salvage value of mining facilities in view of mine closure

AEC has established long-term relationships with mining, metallurgy and heavy manufacturing companies. Canada is a country blessed with natural resources – from gold, niobium, zinc, copper, diamond, lithium, etc. We have experience working on these types of mines, both subterranean and open air, foundries, refineries, processing facilities, from Atlantic Canada, through Quebec, all the way to Nunavut.

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